Buyer representation.

Buying a home requires a lot of knowledge and experience is crucial, from financing to inspections to closing the home every transaction represents a new set of challenges and we are here to help every step of the way to ensure that any question or issue that may arise does not become a problem.

Get the right tools to find your home.

Finding houses is easy, but finding your home is not, but it should be. Our systems tap directly into the MLS and update you the moment a new property come up for sale that matches your criteria, and unlike many "repeater" sites, our will actually send you properties the moment they enter the market giving you the advantage that other sites will not.


If this is your first or tenth house, we have the experience you need on your side. I am experienced in giving classes for first time buyers for HUD approved non profit groups and have the knowledge to meet the needs of investors.


I work with a variety of lenders all with a different set of skill sets ready to help with your financing needs, from the basic" loan to investor loans, if there is a loan program out there that will help you, I know where to find it.

Found it.

If you are like most people, you will have likely already begun looking for your home, even before you came to this site., the unfortunate reality is that you probably will have been spending countless hours or days looking at properties that may or may not be for sale anymore, reality is that all sites are repeaters, meaning that they do not sell a single house, they just repeat information in the MLS, and that sometimes can be days, or if there is a glitch, it could be weeks before it updates properly.

Up to the second.

Unlike most websites, our listings are sent the moment the listing agent enters it into the market and is sent to your email within seconds. Many sites try to make it seem that they are up to date by displaying a timer, or a freshness meter, but all they are showing you is how long since it has been displayed on their site and not how long ago it was put up for sale. Getting there first may in many cases give yo the competitive edge you need in this highly competitive market.

Why work with us?

1 We Listen. Seems simple enough, but so many times the agent is the expert and no-one else. I try to anticipate the need and by doing so I may save you a lot of time, headaches and frustration.

2 We educate, yes part of our job is to educate the buyer and seller and help both understand how market conditions can and will affect the sale and/or purchase of the home, and to ensure a smooth transaction. I will let you know what to anticipate, and prepare you for some of the most common pitfalls so you don't have to encounter them.

3 We work with everybody and everybody works with us. We coordinate the transaction from start to finish, and this means not only working with the agent that has the buyer, if it not use, but lenders, title, escrow, appraisers and the over 70 people from various companies that will likely have worked with the transaction to bring it to a close.