Full Service Real estate services.

Selling your house requires speed and accuracy, this is why working with a full service company and with an experienced REALTOR will sell your home fast and at the highest price the market will pay.

Tradition and technology

We use the most advanced tools available in order to sell your home and integrate them to traditional marketing methods that have proven to be effective over time. An example of this are traditional sign post in front of your home, but your sign will send a signal to the smart phones of those passing by with the information of your home for sale.

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We may be working with other clients but we make every effort to make sure that we work with the sale of your property as if it where the only one we have. we do this from the moment we take the listing to moment the keys are delivered to the new buyer.


We use multiple streams of information disbursement to assist us in placing your house in front of as many eyes and is available to be seen by buyers 24/7 all around the country and all over the world so that we can maximize the opportunity of receiving multiple offers on the property.


In addition to being distributed to thousands of website locally and internationally, every property gets its own webpage dedicated to selling the property, all pertinent information will be provided including pictures, description, square footage and any additional information that will facilitate the sale of the home.


We use technology to market your home. Have you been to a museum lately? If you have, you may notice that as you approach an exhibit, the information of that exibit pops up on your phone. I use that same technology to market your home inserting the information directly into the phone, this convenience may avoid buyers having to log into an app and see other homes in the area that are competing.

Why work with us?

1 We Listen. Seems simple enough, but so many times the agent is the expert and no-one else. Reality is that you have been living in the house, have maintained it and know it better than any agent will, so why not work with the expert and complement your knowledge with the skills we bring to the table.

2 We educate, yes part of our job is to educate the buyer and seller and help both understand how market conditions can and will affect the sale and/or purchase of the home, and to ensure a smooth transaction.

3 We work with everybody and everybody works with us. We coordinate the transaction from start to finish, and this means not only working with the agent that has the buyer, if it not use, but lenders, title, escrow, appraisers and the over 70 people from various companies that will likely have worked with the transaction to bring it to a close.